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The Center for the Provision of Administrative Services in Chervonohrad will accept petitions regarding land issues

According to the decision of the session of the Chervonograd City Council, a new procedure for administrative services provided through the Administrative Services Center was approved.

It included 23 services that were within the competence of the Department of Land Resources of the Chervonograd City Council.

As Yurii Galakh, the head of the National Center for Economic and Social Development, noted, now all citizens’ petitions related to the ownership or use of land plots are submitted through the Center. These are, in particular, questions regarding the allocation of land plots for the purpose of their further sale, the allocation of land plots for use, the arrangement of land, etc.

To resolve these and other issues, city residents can contact the Administrative Services Center located in Chervonohrad at 27 Shevchenko Avenue.

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