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Volunteers from the Lviv Region completed the “First Medical Aid” course

Upon completion of the training, the participants received certificates from the Malta Help Desk

The Department of Youth and Sports of the Lviv Regional Military Administration and the Lviv Regional Youth Center, together with the Malta Aid Service, initiated the “First Pre-Medical Aid” courses for volunteers of the Lviv Regional Youth Center, “Spivdiya Khabu” and the Powder Tower. Two four-hour courses have already been held for 20 volunteers.

“In my opinion, the skills you acquire during the pre-medical care course are important in everyday life for every person. In a full-scale war, this knowledge is difficult to overestimate. Because this is a turbulent time that brings with it a sense of uncertainty. We must be ready for different developments. Therefore, this training is organized for the second time. Currently, it is the responsibility of each of us to have enough skills and abilities to save not only our lives, but also the lives of our loved ones,” said Bohdanka Pylypchuk, a leading specialist of the Lviv Regional Youth Center.

The program complies with the content and teaching methodology of the first aid course of the Malta Emergency Service, as well as the recommendations of the European Resuscitation Council, taking into account the “Procedures for providing emergency aid to persons in emergency situations by non-medical workers”.

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