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In Drohobych, a map of Drohobych region of the ZUNR period was presented

By the day of the November Act, the Department of Culture and Tourism Development of the Drohobych City Council presented a map of Drohobychchyna during the period of the West Ukrainian People’s Republic.

Specialists of the management of culture and tourism development worked on the realization of the idea under the leadership of historian and scientist Volodymyr Khanas.

According to the official, the idea to develop a map that would demonstrate Drohobychchyna in different eras of the formation of Ukrainian statehood arose this year. Therefore, the management immediately began to collect, systematize information and develop historical references.

For the 105th anniversary of the Listopadovy rank, a map of Drohobychchyna was presented, which shows a short, but extremely important period for our history – the creation and activity of the ZUNR (1918-1923).

The developed map contains a register of officers and riflemen of the Ukrainian Galician Army who are natives of Drohobychchyna, lists of UGA riflemen who died/died and were buried in Drohobychchyna. Also marked on the map are the graves of the fighters for the freedom of Ukraine and the Sich Riflemen, imprints of the seal of the Military Command in Drohobych and the seal of the State District Commissariat in Drohobych.

“During various periods of the formation of Ukrainian statehood, some historical events were hidden. Now it is important to restore the historical truth, to clearly know our history and not to allow it to be distorted in the future” – convinced the developer of the map, historian Volodymyr Khanas.

The map was presented during the event on the occasion of the 105th anniversary of the creation of ZUNR, which took place near the historical building of the Drohobychchyna Museum on Ivan Franko Street. Since November 1918, it was in this building that the state authorities of the West Ukrainian People’s Republic operated.

In parallel, the Department of Culture and Tourism Development is working on historical documents about other historical eras of the formation of Ukrainian statehood, as well as information about the first mentions, important historical events and figures who are natives of the villages of the Drohobych community.


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