Стислий огляд подій

Tomorrow, weather forecasters predict fog and thunderstorms with squalls in the Lviv region

According to the forecast of the Lviv Regional Centre for Hydrometeorology, fog is expected in Lviv and the region at night and in the morning, with visibility of 200-500 m/s.

During the day – thunderstorm, heavy rain and squalls of 15 – 20 m/s;

We urge everyone to pay attention to the weather forecast and be careful.

In particular, drivers are asked to choose a moderate speed and maintain a safe distance between vehicles, switch on their headlights, pedestrians are asked to cross the road only in specially designated places, and use reflectors (tapes, stickers, vests, etc.) to help drivers see on the road in time.

During bad weather, avoid large trees, electrical lines, antennas, billboards and other massive structures, as they can be damaged by the weather and thus injure those who are nearby.

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