Стислий огляд подій

Another 262 drones will be transferred from Lviv Oblast to the front lines as part of the “Birds of Victory” initiative

Half a year after the start of the initiative, more than 1,500 drones were delivered to the defenders of Ukraine.

Today, September 29, a ceremonial handover of the next batch of drones took place within the framework of the “Birds of Victory” charitable initiative. This time, 262 drones were handed over to the military, including: 19 DJI Mavic and 243 FPV drones. Also, 2 anti-drone guns were handed over to the military within the party.

“Thank you for this initiative, thanks to which our defenders can get drones where they are needed most. Each drone has its own story and the story of the person who bought it. Together, we are now creating the modern history of our country and contributing to the future victory. As of now, more than 1,500 drones have been transferred, but I hope that this number will reach two thousand by the end of the year. Each drone can save the life of our soldier and change the situation on the battlefield. Thanks to everyone who believes in our victory and brings it closer. Glory to Ukraine!” – said the head of Lviv OVA Maksym Kozytskyi.

Mrs. Nadiya, who is the wife of a hero who fought in the 14th brigade and was posthumously awarded the highest honor of the President, also joined the broadcast. The funds paid by the state, which is 1.5 million hryvnias, were donated to the purchase of part of the batch of drones.

“My husband really wanted to see the victory of Ukraine and helped his fellow soldiers as much as he could. He repeated to the children that it is necessary to unite for the sake of the victory of Ukraine. That is why we decided to fulfill his last wish and want these drones to bring the much-desired victory closer. I am proud of my husband and am convinced that victory will be ours,” Ms. Nadiya emphasized.

Military personnel Ihor and Gavriil were also present at the broadcast. They spent part of the money that went to their prosthetics to buy part of a batch of drones.

“Tomorrow early in the morning, we are leaving for the east in order to deliver some of the “birds” from this batch. We will hand over 90 drones and in the near future we will receive video reports of their work in combat conditions. Yesterday we handed over 140 kamikaze drones and they are already in the hands of our soldiers. Every third drone hits the target accurately and gives our military an advantage on the battlefield. The more of them will be in the hands of our defenders, the more lives will be saved,” said the co-organizer of the initiative Oleksandr Tishchenko.

The head of the NGO “Dobro.Diy” Ihor Dulyn said that, as of today, it was possible to attract 100 million hryvnias, with which all the necessary equipment to fight the enemy was purchased.

“Our initiative started at the beginning of spring this year, and in less than half a year we managed to send more than 1500 drones. Basically, these “birds” go to the needs of brigades from the Lviv region. But we also pass them on to all brigades that contact us with official requests, including assault battalions, TRO, SSO forces, GUR and others. Every contribution is important, because we demonstrate unity and it gives results,” Ihor Dulyn summarized.


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