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Due to the conflict in the Lviv school, teachers do not receive salaries, and students receive certificates

Due to the conflict in school No. 96, teachers do not receive salaries, and students do not receive certificates

Today, the head of the Lviv Education Department, together with the new director of school #96 MZHK-1, was not allowed into the educational institution. A group of people blocked the entrance and physically prevented them from entering the director’s office.

According to Andrii Zakaluk, the former director of the school, Halyna Mykhailik, lost the competition for the position of head of this school and is organizing riots, inciting the staff and blocking the work of the school.

“Today, we once again tried to get into school No. 96 with a new headmistress, who was appointed based on the results of a transparent competition. Unfortunately, we could not do this, because the school staff prevented us physically. The new director, Ms. Yaryna Nechepurna, cannot start performing her duties.

All our efforts and requests to translate this situation into a legal channel did not yield any results, no one listens to us.

As of today, this situation already has very serious consequences. School employees no longer receive wages. There is also a big problem with communal services and children’s meals, as they are not paid for. The most difficult thing is that students of the 4th, 9th and 11th grades will not receive certificates and certificates of completion of the educational institution.

We once again call on the people who commit these actions to allow a new manager to work, and to resolve all disputes in the legal field. Give an opportunity for the educational institution to function normally,” emphasized Andriy Zakaliuk, head of the education department of the Lviv City Council.

By the way, director Yaryna Nechepurna wrote a statement to the police due to the fact that she is not being given the opportunity to perform her official duties.

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