Про освіту

Students of the Drogobitsy Lyceum collected money for a drone for the military

The Third River has emerged, Ukraine is heroically defending its cordons against the aggressor country, which launched a large-scale invasion of our country in the fierce 2022 year.

The well-known Ukrainian, in his place, is constantly trying to get closer to I will overcome: whoever wants to donate, whoever is happy, whoever closes the important collections of warriors.

Do not stand aside from the encouragement of the ZSU and the children and youth of the place. These little Ukrainians sell hand-made robots, organize decent fairs and collect cats to support the soldiers at symbolic checkpoints.

The students of Lyceum No. 2, including the 3rd grade students, had a good time – encouragement for the students. Small Ukrainians have collected money to buy an FPV drone, which will be handed over to the AZOV special unit.

As a token of gratitude for the kind gesture, the children were shown how a drone operates at the front.

Teachers of Lyceum No. 2 say that young schoolchildren are aware of the fact that they are not in the future and want them to be very small, but let them know about good things in support of the ZSU and in the nearby Pere mogi.

This is how the skin of a good wine spins around the grapevine – the scientists of 3-G have already realized this. The ethno-complex “U Dvori”, which in the village of Pidgorodtsi gave children an educational excursion.



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