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The 75th anniversary of Marta Litynska, an outstanding Lviv chess player, was celebrated in the Lviv region

On March 25, Marta Litynska celebrated her 75th birthday – Ukrainian chess player, international grandmaster, honored master of sports, honored worker of physical culture and sports of Ukraine, mathematician.

Marta Litynska is included in the list of chess players who are considered the founders of the Lviv Chess School. She was first talked about in 1967, when an 18-year-old woman from Lviv became the champion of Ukraine. In 1960, she started playing chess and in three months completed the fourth rank.

In 1976, the World Chess Federation FIDE introduced the title of international grandmaster among women. Before that, the highest title in chess was “international master”. Marta Litynska was the only one from Ukraine among the 17 female chess players in the world who were awarded this title. Marta Litynska became the first Ukrainian – an international grandmaster. Co-founder of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Ukraine from the Lviv region in 1990.

The event was moderated by Sviatoslav, a Ukrainian public figure, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, teacher, well-known defender of the Ukrainian language, son of Marta Litynska.

“It is so nice to hear how proudly Svyatoslav talks about his mother. But this is not only the pride of Svyatoslav and his family, but also of the entire Lviv Region. Thank you, Mrs. Marto, for your chess talent, elegance and smile, thank you for not being afraid to convey your pro-Ukrainian position. May you be rewarded with all that you have invested in your students, thank you for your work!”, Maksym Kozytskyi, head of the Lviv OVA, addressed the celebrant with a congratulatory word.

Marta Litynska was the first student of Viktor Kart’s school to receive baptism of fire in the Championship of Ukraine of the Soviet Union. Already in 1967, she became the Champion of Ukraine, 4 times silver medalist, one time – bronze medalist of the USSR, European Champion.

“Your game is distinguished by a special sense and ability to find tactical opportunities. But we can also congratulate you on the fact that you achieved success not only on the chessboard, but also raised worthy chess masters, children and grandchildren, regardless of the circumstances and time.

Thank you, Marta Ivanivna, for all your results, the civic attitude of a great patriot who cheers for the victory, development and prosperity of Ukraine. May every day be full of goodness and happiness,” congratulated the Rector of Lviv National University Volodymyr Melnyk.

For reference.

During her playing career, Marta Litynska won 16 gold medals.

She won 13 prestigious international tournaments in such countries as: Germany, Yugoslavia, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Greece, France, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and others.

Twice shared 4-5 places in the world championship (1974, 1980).

The highest rating is 2415. She topped the list of the best female chess players of Ukraine according to the ELO rating 18 times during 1970–1993.

Marta Litynska, a native of Lviv, enrolled in full-time studies at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Ivan Franko Lviv State University in 1966, which she successfully graduated in 1971.

Throughout her chess career, Marta Litynska’s constant coach was Viktor Kart, a graduate of the History Faculty of Ivan Franko Lviv State University, Honored Coach of the Ukrainian SSR, Honored Coach of the USSR.

Chess victories:

Champion of the Ukrainian SSR among schoolchildren as part of the national team of the Lviv region (1966).
Champion of the USSR among schoolchildren as part of the USSR national team (1966).
Champion of the USSR in the individual competition (1972).
USSR champion among chess teams (1981).
Silver medalist of the USSR championships in the individual competition (1971, 1973, 1974, 1982, 1985).
Two-time champion of the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR as part of the Ukrainian SSR national team (1979, 1991).
European champion as part of the national team of Ukraine (1992).
Vice-champion of the World Chess Olympiads as part of the national teams of the USSR (1988) and Ukraine (1992).
Three-time world champion of the International Correspondent Chess Federation (ICCF) as part of the USSR national team (1979–1983, 1983–1987, 1987–1991).
Three-time champion of Ukraine (1967, 1977, 1995).
Champion of the Spartakiad of Ukraine as part of the team of the Lviv region (1979, 1983).
World champion among seniors (2002).
She won two interzonal tournaments for the world championship (1985, 1980).
Participant of two semi-final matches in the fight for the world chess crown (1974, 1980).

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