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Bishop Mykhail Koltun, who has served as a military chaplain for over twenty years, celebrates his 75th birthday

Today, March 28, the Ruling Hierarch of Sokal-Zhovkiv Mykhail celebrates his 75th birthday.

Today, March 28, the Ruling Hierarch of Sokal-Zhovkiv Kir Mykhail (Koltun) celebrates his 75th birthday.

Despite his advanced age, his every day is full of active, God-inspired work. He always finds time and need to be where he is expected, where he is trusted.

Since 1997, which is more than twenty years, Bishop Mykhailo has been responsible for the military chaplaincy of the Ukrainian army on behalf of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. He was also twice elected as the head of the Council for Pastoral Care at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. In times of war, he pays even more attention to the chaplaincy, because he knows how important spiritual support is for the Newest Heroes. Since 2006, he holds the title of bishop of Sokal-Zhovkivskyi. Appointed as the head of the Military Chaplaincy Department of the Patriarchal Curia of the UGCC.

“We ourselves see how necessary a military chaplain is, who would spiritually accompany the military. After all, they need a priest who would help them to be brave, especially when life is on the edge,” says the Bishop.

Under his leadership, the volunteer movement and environmental initiatives became more active. He also finds time for poetry, not only reads a lot, but also creates his sincere poems full of love for people. Another collection of his poetry will be published in a few days.

“Life is the world in which we live.

It should be perceived as life.

This world-life is to be loved.

And discover it in yourself every day” – Bishop Mykhail Koltun.

“Lord, thank you for your wisdom and prudence, for your sincerity and love and fruitful work for the benefit of the Church of Christ and Ukraine! May the Lord bless you with His most generous graces, and grant you physical health and spiritual strength, grace and longevity, and the Holy Mother of God will always be your intercessor and helper.

Many and happy summers, Vladyka!”, – congratulated Vladyka Mykhailo in the Department for Culture, Nationalities and Religions of the Lviv OVA.

About Mikhail Koltun

He was born in the village of Polonychy (Buzky district, Lviv region) in the Christian family of Pavel Koltun and his wife Stanislava, from the Cret family.

He studied at the Lviv Technical School of Industrial Automation, then served in the navy. He even managed to work at a factory of reinforced concrete products. And he realized his dream, his life choice as early as 1975-1981, when he studied at an underground theological seminary. In 1981, he took monastic vows.

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