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During the war, more than 135,000 Ukrainians received medical care in Lviv

Ukrainians who were forced to move from their hometowns to Lviv because of the war receive shelter and help here, including medical care. During this time, more than 135,000 people have already received treatment and consultations.

As the city health department explains, it is about emergency and planned care, prevention, vaccination, etc.

Thus, 9,428 forcibly displaced Ukrainians were hospitalized in Lviv hospitals with various injuries and wounds (227 people are currently being treated, others have already been discharged). 106,540 Ukrainians applied for outpatient care at polyclinics, of which 20,187 were children, 2,646 were pregnant women. Mobile teams at the points of registration and temporary stay provided assistance to 19,494 people.

Hundreds of people suffer every day due to Russian aggression, so in order to make their treatment and rehabilitation comfortable and accessible in Ukraine, a multidisciplinary team works with every Ukrainian in the National Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN in Lviv, providing surgical, physical, psychological and psychosocial professional assistance. Thanks to the support of donors, a prosthetics workshop was opened and bionic prostheses are installed. Project website: https://unbroken.org.ua/

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