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The space on Konovaltsia Street, near the Tourist Hotel in Lviv, will be redesigned

Employees of the Frankivsk District Administration inspected the repair work on the adjacent territory near the Tourist Hotel on Konovaltsia Street.

At the site, the administration found that the contractor did not follow the project, in particular, there were no accessibility elements. As of now, the work has been suspended, and the deviations will be corrected. The customer of the works is Lvivtourist PJSC.

“The land near the Tourist Hotel is leased by the legal entity that owns the hotel. They have developed and approved a project for the improvement of the adjacent territory, taking into account accessibility elements. However, today’s inspection showed that the work is being carried out in violation of the agreed project.

Therefore, we stopped the work, this week we will hold another joint meeting with the participation of specialists from the Department of Architecture and Urbanism, and, of course, the contractor will correct all deviations,” the Frankivsk District Administration explained.

As a reminder, one of the city’s top priorities today is to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities. Therefore, the city is implementing a set of measures to ensure the inclusiveness of various institutions: commercial, municipal and state. It is important that inclusiveness should be both outside and inside the establishments, including so that people in wheelchairs can use, for example, an accessible bathroom in a restaurant.

According to the Social Protection Department of the Lviv City Council, 5.6% of the residents of the Lviv community (47500 people) are officially recognized as persons with disabilities. In addition, the city treats many military personnel who need a barrier-free environment and are not included in these official statistics. Due to the war started by Russia, the number of people for whom it is important to have an accessible environment is increasing every day.

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