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The Verkhovyna Ensemble from Drohobych region starred in a new Ukrainian music video

The Honoured Carpathian Song and Dance Ensemble of Ukraine “Verkhovyna” keeps surprising the audience with new creative works.

The ensemble skilfully demonstrates the unique flavour of folk songs and dances both in Ukraine and abroad, presents new photo and video projects, gives charity concerts and raises funds to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Recently, the world has seen a new video for the song “Krasivo” by the famous Ukrainian vocalist, leader of the band “Mary” Viktor Vynnyk.

To enrich the video with folklore, the director invited artists of the Honoured Carpathian Song and Dance Ensemble of Ukraine “Verkhovyna”, directed by Serhiy Dmitriev, to collaborate. The main roles were played by actors from the Lviv Academic Regional Music and Drama Theatre named after Yuriy Drohobych, Tetiana Modzhuk and Yuriy Fedchuk.

According to the director’s idea, the actors go through several important stages of their lives in the film, while the ballet dancers and orchestra symbolise the cycle of life. The video is full of symbolism, meaning and emotions. And thanks to the bright costumes of the artists, Verkhovyna has a unique Ukrainian flavour.


A few years ago, the ensemble was on the verge of extinction, but now, despite the difficult situation with funding and the war in the country, the group has not only survived, but has gained a new impetus in its development.

Today, Verkhovyna is not just an ensemble. It is another business card of the Drohobych community that promotes Ukrainian traditions and the unique creativity of the Ukrainian people. And it does so under the proud banner of the glorious city of Drohobych.

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