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Four bus routes to be reopened in Lviv

Today, on February 27, the City Council held a meeting of the tender committee to select carriers for Lviv bus routes 12, 30, 39A, 48, 49A, 57, and 92. Applications were received for all lots. The winners of the tender were LC ATP-1, as well as carriers that had not previously operated in Lviv, Trans-City LLC and Epitrans LLC.

As a result, LC ATP-1 will serve routes 39A, 49A, and 92 on a permanent basis. Currently, the municipal carrier operates under temporary contracts.

Four more city routes will also be resumed, which are included in the city’s transportation network but have not been operating in recent years. These are buses #12, #30, #48 and #57.

In particular, routes 12, 30 and 48 will be operated by Epitrans LLC. And route 57 will be operated by Trans-City LLC. The buses will start operating this spring.

“We received applications from carriers that have not previously operated in our city transport network – Epitrans LLC and Trans-City LLC – to service these four currently inactive routes. As a result of the tender, they were granted the right to operate these routes. We are talking about more than 30 medium and large class buses, which, after all the procedures for concluding contracts, equipping vehicles with validators and consoles, and after driver training, will be able to take to the streets of our city,” said Oleh Zabarylo, director of the Department of Urban Mobility and Street Infrastructure at Lviv City Council.

By the way, Epitrans LLC and Trans-City LLC operate in the field of urban transportation in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi, and Lviv regions.

Agreements with the winners will be concluded for a period of 3 years.

We would like to add that there are currently 50 bus routes in Lviv, 10 trolleybus routes and 8 tram routes.

Here are the routes submitted for the tender:

Route No. 12: I. Velychkovskoho Street – T. Shevchenko Street – Omelyana Kovcha Street – Vynnytsia Street – Tunnelna Street – Varshavska Street – Zamarstynivska Street – Hetman I. Mazepa Street – I. Mykolaychuk Street – V. Lypynskoho (Pivnichnyi Bus Station) – I. Mykolaychuk Street – Hetmana Mazepa Street – Zamarstynivska Street – Varshavska Street – Tunnelna Street – Vynnytsia Street – Omelyana Kovcha Street – T. Shevchenka Street – I. Velychkovskoho Street.

Route No. 30: T. Shevchenka St. (Ryasne 1) – Levandivska St. – Syiaivo St. – Horodotska St. – M. Kropyvnytskoho Sq. – S. Bandera St. – M. Verbytskoho St. – M. Copernicus St. – D. Vitovskoho St. – I. Franko Sq. Viennaska Street – S. Lytvynenko Street – Panasa Myrnoho Street – Kozelnytska Street – I. Franko Street – I. Franko Square – D. Vitovskoho Street – M. Copernicus Street – S. Bandera Street – M. Kropyvnytskoho Square – Korotka Street – Horodotska Street – Syiaivo Street – Levandivska Street – T. Shevchenko Street (Ryasne 1).

Route #39A: Bohdanivska St. – Doroha Kryvchytska St. – P. Nishchynskoho St. – Dolishnia St. – Lychakivska St. – V. Vynnychenka St. – Soborna Ploshcha – I. Franka St. – Knyazya Romana St. – Halytska Ploshcha – Soborna Ploshcha – V. Vynnychenka St. – Lychakivska St. – Dolishnia St. – P. Nishchynskoho St. – Doroha Kryvchytska St. – Bohdanivska St.

Route No. 48: Lubinska St. – I. Vyhovskoho St. – Volodymyr Velykyi St. – Knyahynya Olhy St. – Akademika A. Sakharova St. – M. Kopernyka St. – P. Doroshenko St. – Svobody Ave. Khmelnytskoho (Halytske Perekrestok) – B. Khmelnytskoho St. – Haydamatska St. – Zamarstynivska St. – V. Chornovola Ave. – Svobody Ave. – P. Doroshenko St. – M. Copernicus St. – S. Bandera St. – M. Verbytskoho St. – Akademika A. Sakharova St. – Knyahynya Olhy St. – Volodymyr Velykyi St. – I. Vyhovskoho St. – Liubynska St.

Route #49A: I. Velychkovskoho (Ryasne-2) St. – T. Shevchenka St. – Levandivska St. – Syayvo St. – Horodotska St. – Chernivetska St. – Dvortseva Ploshcha (Railway Station) – Chernivetska St. – Horodotska St. – Syayvo St. – Levandivska St. – T. Shevchenka St. – I. Velychkovskoho (Ryasne-2) St.

Route No. 57: Poleva St. – Novoznesenska St. – Mechanichna St. – B. Khmelnytskoho St. – V. Lypynskoho St. – V. Chornovil Ave. M. Maksymovych Street – Stryiska Street – Shota Rustaveli Street – Zelena Street – I. Franko Street – Soborna Square – V. Vynnychenka Street – Pidvalna Street – Danylo Halytskoho Square – I. Honty Street – Knyazya Yaroslav Osmomysla Square – Rizni Square – V. Chornovil Avenue – V. Lypynskoho Street – B. Khmelnytskoho Street – Mechanichna Street – Novoznesenska Street – Poleva Street.

Route No. 92: Horodotska St. (Zakhidna Bus Station) – Ryashivska St. – E. Paton St. – I. Vyhovsky St. – Lubinska St. – Okruzhna St. – V. Antonovych St. – Metropolyt Andrey St. – St. George Sq. St. George’s – M. Ustiyanovych St. – Technichna St. – Kamenyariv St. – S. Krushelnytska St. – Y. Slovatsky St. – P. Doroshenko St. – Svobody Ave. Soborna – V. Vynnychenko St. – Mytna Sq. – Lychakivska St. – Pasichna St. – J. Washington St. – Pasichna St. – Lychakivska St. – V. Vynnychenko St. – Pidvalna St. – D. Halytskoho Sq. I. Honty – south of Kn. Y. Osmomysla – Torhova St. – Horodotska St. – Narodna St. – Lubinska St. – I. Vyhovskoho St. – E. Patona St. – Ryashivska St. – Horodotska St. (Zakhidna Bus Station).

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