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A new day care center for the elderly opened in Lviv (video)

At the new daytime leisure center at 29 Symona Petliury Street, Lviv community grandparents, including those with disabilities, can attend gadget classes, learn English, participate in literary circles, and watch movies free of charge. Currently, the most popular course here is the use of gadgets.

Ms. Valentyna is 78 years old and has come to the gadget course for the second time. She admits that she really likes it.

“Today we came with our phones, and if we don’t understand something, Ms. Maria tells us. Our teacher is very good and we love her very much. I already know how to bring the gallery to the main screen, how to access Facebook, how to use social media. I am very interested, I communicate, there are people my age here. I am very glad to be here and to be taught,” says Valentyna.

Leisure activities for the elderly are held at several locations in different parts of the city, but there was not enough space for everyone. That’s why the center on Symona Petliura Street was recently set up, and now more than 20 people attend classes here every day.

According to Lidiya Zhyntychka, head of the social adaptation and day care department at the center, it is very important for older residents to be able to meet, communicate, do joint activities and support each other. So, if there are those who have not yet joined the day care center, they can easily do so. To do this, you should contact the social protection department of your district and write an application for social adaptation services.

Classes at daytime leisure centers are held from Monday to Friday. Older Lviv residents can choose to listen to informative lectures on various topics, attend master classes, do choreography, yoga, exercise, sing in a choir, gather for a literary circle, take gadget and English courses, and go on excursions.

“Such activities are an alternative to sitting at home in front of the TV. People come, socialize, and learn something new for themselves. We draw up schedules every week and look at people’s requests and what they are interested in. Currently, the most interesting classes are those with gadgets, because older people need help, and sometimes their relatives don’t have the patience to explain it to them, and our teacher has the time and patience for that. There is also English, various creative classes,” explains Olha Ilchyshyn, head of the home care and social adaptation branch of the Dzherelo center.

In total, more than 250 elderly people come to Dzherelo’s clubs and courses every month. In addition, more than 1900 lonely elderly people and people with disabilities in the Lviv community receive home care services at Dzherelo.

It should be noted that the daytime leisure center’s clubs for elderly Lviv residents are held at the following locations: the daytime leisure center on Petliury Street; Molodvizh on Skoryk Street; Petrushevych Palace; libraries on Knyazya Roman Street and Okunevskoho Street. There are also choreography classes on Ohienko Street and choir classes on Ruska Street. Those wishing to attend these classes at specific locations should contact the Dzherela Center by phone: 097 400 22 88; 066 400 22 88; 063 400 22 88. Or contact the social protection department, as mentioned above.

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