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Long queues at Chervonohrad registry office due to lack of staff

The long queues for registration at the Civil Registry Office are due to a lack of staff. This was reported by Nadiya Zbozhna, head of the Chervonohrad Civil Registration Department, at a city council session on February 22.

In addition, recently, the department’s specialists have been providing services not only to residents of the Chervonohrad community, but to the entire district.

Currently, only two specialists are receiving people, so it is not physically possible to provide services for state registration of marriage and ceremonies, state registration of death and birth, amendments to civil records and name change, as well as to receive and process documents from Chervonohrad and Sokal ASCs, and the maternity ward of Chervonohrad hospital, Nadiya Zbozhna assures.

Currently, there are 7 vacant positions in the Chervonohrad Civil Registration Department, including 2 clerks and 5 specialists.

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