A teenager bitten by a bat was hospitalized in Lviv

The doctors of the communal facility of the Lviv Regional Council Lviv Regional Center for Emergency Medical Assistance and Disaster Medicine provided assistance to a teenager who was bitten by a bat.

Nazariy Hlova, an emergency medicine doctor at PS No. 4 of the Lviv station of the Lviv Regional Center for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine, told about it.

The ambulance doctors, having heard about the reason for the call, immediately left for the address indicated by the patient.

“Our patient, a 16-year-old boy, heard in a dream that something was crawling on his neck.” The young man tried to pick it up with his hand and felt a bite on his finger, the doctor explained. – The child was stable, but due to the fact that bats carry various diseases, the teenager was hospitalized in St. Nicholas The boy should be under the supervision of doctors, maybe even get vaccinated,” the doctors say.

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