An Israeli hospital will operate in Mostysk to provide assistance to migrants

An Israeli hospital is being set up in Mostyska to help displaced people. The project is implemented by the Ministry of Health of Israel and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine with the assistance of the Schusterman Foundation, which oversees national and social projects in Israel and the JDC.

The hospital will operate in the format of a field hospital. Israeli doctors will conduct an initial examination in specially equipped tents, as well as all necessary laboratory equipment and medicines. There is also a separate insulator.

If the patient needs surgery, Israeli specialists will provide such assistance in the operating rooms of the community hospital.

Three wards were also equipped for inpatients: men’s, women’s and children’s.

To ensure quality communication between patients and doctors, a doctor from a local hospital will work at the check-in, and a doctor on duty will help Israeli colleagues.

In addition to direct medical care, Israeli doctors plan to conduct training for community and regional doctors, and training mannequins will be brought to the hospital in the near future. Consider online consultations with Israeli specialists of various profiles.

In total, the hospital will employ almost a hundred staff, more than 60 of them medical.

The hospital will provide medical care to internally displaced persons, residents of the Mosty community and residents of neighboring communities.

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