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Farmers of Lviv region are invited to participate in the program of exchange of business experience in Europe

The exchange lasts from a month to six months.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) program is an entrepreneurial exchange program in Europe in which a new entrepreneur travels to another European country to exchange experience with an experienced entrepreneur. During the exchange, entrepreneurs collaborate together, helping each other to develop their own businesses.

The EYE program is a win-win exchange, because budding entrepreneurs will work side by side with their experienced colleagues, sharing fresh ideas, a different point of view, skills and knowledge about the market and business culture of other countries. The new entrepreneur also receives financial assistance from the EYE program to cover additional costs in another country (the stay is partially financed by the European Commission). There are no age restrictions for participants, but the participant of the program must be over 18 years old at the time of participation.

Participation is possible under the condition:

recently created your own company/business, or want to know if entrepreneurship is right for you;
less than 3 years of entrepreneurial experience;
willingness to participate in an exchange for 1-6 months in a physical, remote or mixed format;
an existing business plan of one’s own project;
knowledge of English.

To participate in the program, it is necessary to apply through the European Commission website at the link: https://1ll.ink/dLhzU and select the desired local contact point (intermediary organization), as it will act as a guide throughout the process. CIVITTA and Radar Tech are intermediary organizations for the EYE program in Ukraine, which will help you fill out the application for free, find a company and a mentor for the exchange, and will also be a contact person during the exchange (you can contact us by e-mail: eye@civitta.com, eye@ radartech.com.ua, or use the contacts directly on the EYE program website: https://www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu/.

WARNING! For men who do not have an official reason for leaving, the exchange can only take place remotely. The program does not provide grounds for traveling abroad.

“The international exchange of experience is a way to improve for our agricultural producers, because it is an opportunity to study, deepen and improve the skills, abilities and competence of agribusiness, it is additional knowledge about progressive technologies and innovations, as well as an opportunity to find potential partners,” the director emphasized of the Department of Agro-Industrial Development of Lviv OVA Tetyana Hetman.

Additional information materials at the link:   https://1ll.ink/lSNJn


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