З життя господарника

Agrarians in Lviv region sowed all spring crops on more than 60% of the projected area

We are talking about 290 thousand hectares of all spring crops.

Last week alone, the planted areas of grains and oilseeds increased by 23.6 thou hectares, with soybeans accounting for the largest share (62%) (14.7 thou hectares).

Farms of all categories sowed all spring crops on an area of 289.9 thou hectares (63.5% of the forecast), including 75.4 thou hectares (59%) of spring grains, 86.3 thou hectares (48%) of industrial crops, 89 thou hectares (90%) of potatoes, 20.3 thou hectares (47%) of vegetables, and 18.9 thou hectares (30%) of fodder crops.

“Abnormally warm temperatures have accelerated the pace of sowing spring crops and all processes in the vegetation of grains and oilseeds. With moisture reserves and timely fertilization, we can expect a high harvest, as good wintering of winter crops and cheaper fertilizers are the factors that will increase crop yields,” said Tetiana Hetman, Director of the Agricultural Development Department at Lviv Regional State Administration.

In the industrial sector, 132.6 thou hectares of all spring crops were sown (48.5% of the forecast), including 42.3 thou hectares of spring grains and legumes (47% of the forecast), 86.3 thou hectares of industrial crops (48%), 3.3 thou hectares of potatoes (95%), and 20% and 13% of the forecasted areas for vegetables and fodder crops, respectively.

Soybeans (+14.7 thou hectares) and corn (+6.1 thou hectares) accounted for the largest increase in the planted areas during the week. Farmers in Chervonohrad, Zolochiv and Lviv districts are leading the way in planting these crops.

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