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Grants of 8 thousand euros for the implementation of green transformation projects: how farmers in Lviv region can get funds

The competition will select up to 60 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the social economy to receive financial support.

Agri-food enterprises can receive a €8,000 grant from the GRAINS Financial Facility Program to implement green transformation projects.

Based on the results of the competition, up to 60 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of the social economy will be selected to receive financial support for the implementation of green transformation projects at their agri-food enterprises. The winners of the competition will enter into agreements with the program’s designated partners – service providers, and GRAINS will reimburse the service providers for their expenses in accordance with the agreements.

The maximum grant amount per SME under the program is EUR 8,175.00. Social economy enterprises can receive services for:

  • training (advanced training and retraining);
  • consulting and labeling for the greening of activities;
  • individual consulting services for the development of local markets;
  • other elements necessary for greening their businesses (eco-certifications, eco-packaging, digitalization and technology, etc;)
  • additional coaching and mentoring on the development of green transformation of enterprises.

There are two options for financing under the GRAINS program:

GRAINS pays the full cost of the project (100%) to the selected service provider within 14 days after the project is completed;

GRAINS pays 60% of the total project budget to the selected service provider within 30 days after signing the agreement and simultaneously checks the activity and solvency of the SME and pays the remaining 40% of the project cost to the service provider within 14 days after the project is completed.

“According to modern European trends, the environmental direction of agribusiness is becoming increasingly important, but to conduct business professionally and competently, you need the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities. This is exactly what the GRAINS Financial Facility Program can help with,” said Tetiana Hetman, Director of the Department of Agricultural Development at Lviv Regional State Administration.

The competition is open until April 30, 2024.

To participate, please register at the following link: http://surl.li/sxhnu (applications must be submitted in English).

For more information about the program and conditions of participation, please follow the links:

Information for applicants http://surl.li/sxhqq;

Budget template http://surl.li/sxjom;

Declaration of Integrity http://surl.li/sxhrq;

List of service providers http://surl.li/sxhsf;

For advice on the GRAINS Financial Facility Program, please contact Kateryna
Shevchuk: kateryna.shevchuk@social-change.com.ua.

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