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Cabbage, onions and cucumbers: Lviv region increases acreage for these vegetable crops

In the 2024 season, the area under vegetables in all categories of farms in Lviv region is expected to reach 43.6 thou hectares, the same as last year.

According to the forecasts, there is a tendency to increase the area under cabbage by 2.5% and onions by 4.6% compared to the area of the previous year. In agricultural enterprises, cucumbers are expected to increase by 14% and onions by 6%, and the total area under all vegetables will amount to 2 thousand hectares (within the area of the 2023 season).

“The main players in the vegetable market in the region are households, which grow 96% of the products. The areas of the main vegetable crops in both the commercial sector and households have not changed significantly, as the market situation has stabilized in terms of supply and demand for vegetables, in particular the main “borsch” set,” commented Tetiana Hetman, Director of the Department of Agricultural Development of the Lviv Regional State Administration.

As of May 3, all types of vegetables were sown on 19.2 thousand hectares (44% of the forecast) in farms of all categories, including: carrots – 3.3 thousand hectares (76%), table beets – 3.3 thousand hectares (78%), onions – 4.3 thousand hectares (92%), garlic – 2.5 thousand hectares (100%), cabbage – 4.6 thousand hectares (30%), cucumbers – 2.1 thousand hectares (30%).

Agricultural enterprises sowed about 20% of the total projected area of all vegetables, including carrots 65% of the forecast, onions 68%, beets 38%, cabbage 19.8%, cucumbers 2%, and other vegetables 6%.

According to the technological timing of sowing and stabilization of favorable weather conditions, tomatoes, zucchini, late varieties of cucumbers and cabbage are expected to be sown in May.

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