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Lviv Oblast is the leader in Ukraine in terms of the number of family farms: Farmers’ Day was celebrated in the region

Within the framework of the event, 14 agrarians of the Lviv region were honored with awards from the Lviv Regional Government and the Department of Agro-Industrial Development.

Today, June 16, an educational and informational event was held at one of the enterprises of the Lviv Region on the occasion of the professional holiday of agricultural workers. The participants were greeted by the deputy head of the Lviv OVA Yuriy Buchko.

“Dear farmers, I congratulate you on your professional holiday! Thanks to your efforts, persistent and skillful management, you provide a reliable rear for our Armed Forces and steadily bring our victory closer. Behind this are hard agricultural work, high organization and devoted love for the native land. Huge gratitude and low bow to you for your dedication. We are sure that your tireless work will definitely bring results in the revival of the Ukrainian village. Great achievements, inexhaustible energy and professional luck under the peaceful skies of Ukraine!” – emphasized Yuriy Buchko.

The director of the department of agro-industrial development of the Lviv OVA, Tetyana Hetman, gave a presentation on the topic: “Agrarian sector of Lviv Oblast under martial law”.

“The process of transformation of peasant farms into family farms is gaining momentum every year. Last year, 64 farms and 43 family farms were created in Lviv region. 30 farms were created in 4 months of this year. The farming movement in the region represents more than 900 farms, including 127 family farms. In terms of the number of family farms, Lviv Oblast is the leader among the regions of Ukraine,” said Tetyana Hetman.

During the event, the head of the Regional Branch of the State Property Fund of Ukraine for Lviv, Zakarpattia, and Volyn Oblasts, Mykola Ishchuk, spoke about opportunities from the State Property Fund for agrarian business, as well as benefits and discounts under martial law. Also, during the event, other speakers talked about the specifics of preparing business projects for receiving grants, state project funds, international programs, as well as grant support for micro and small producers of agricultural products.

The peculiarity of farming in the Lviv region is its multi-sector nature – from meat and dairy livestock to poultry, sheep and goat breeding. 7,200 head of cattle are kept in farms, which is 48% of all livestock kept in agricultural enterprises.

From year to year, Lviv Oblast is a leader among regions of Ukraine that direct the largest financial resource from the local budget to support farmers. In total, in 2023, UAH 34.4 million from the regional budget and UAH 2.1 million from the community budget were allocated to support agriculture in the region. This year, in order to support the development of the cattle breeding industry, UAH 9 million was allocated from the regional budget in the form of a subsidy for increasing the number of cows.

With the assistance of the Lviv Military Administration, Lviv Oblast became a pilot region for the implementation of an international FAO project. Micro and small producers of the region, who are engaged in berry growing, vegetable growing and aquaculture, can receive from 10 to 25 thousand dollars. USA (in hryvnia equivalent) grant support for the purchase of investment resources. The total budget of the project is 3 million dollars. USA.

During the solemn part of the event, 14 of the most active agrarians of the Lviv region were awarded with thanks from the head of the Lviv OVA for conscientious work during the war and ensuring food security. After that, the participants were introduced to a mini-exhibition of agricultural machinery: tractors, a drone for spraying fields, etc.


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