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Lviv Oblast enterprises can receive USD 20 thousand from the International Organisation for Migration

We are talking about micro and small manufacturing and processing enterprises.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) is offering grants of up to USD 20,000 in hryvnia equivalent for micro and small businesses in Lviv region. Micro-enterprises can receive a maximum of USD 7,000, and small enterprises can receive up to USD 20,000.

The grant funds can be used to purchase specialised equipment and tools needed, in particular, in the areas of agricultural production and food processing, renting premises (up to 3 months), repairing and equipping premises (including the purchase of furniture, shelving, etc.), purchasing raw materials for the production process (up to 50% of the grant amount). The grant must be used within 4 months.

Participation criteria for enterprises:

Registered at least 1 year prior to the date of application;
Registered in Ukraine and owned by Ukrainian citizens;
Readiness to create jobs.
Micro enterprises must employ less than 10 people and create at least 1 new job. Small enterprises must employ 10 or more people and create at least 3 new jobs.

“The grant funds can be used not only to improve the equipment for the production process, but also to expand capacity. This will contribute to the modernisation of enterprises, help create comfortable and functional working conditions, which is important for productivity and business development, and ensure stability and continuity of production, which is key to successful production,” said Tetiana Getman, Director of the Agro-Industrial Development Department of Lviv Regional State Administration.

Application deadline: by 18:00 on 23 June 2024, please fill in the application form at https://ee.kobo.iom.int/x/QuacbQBp.

For more information about the grant, please follow the link: http://surl.li/txagu.

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