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Areas under commercial gardens in Lviv Oblast will increase immediately by 11% in 2024

In 2024, the Lviv State Administration for gardening in the region approved a new program of financial support for existing and newly created cooperatives with the production of berries.

The area of planting of rich crops in the industrial sector of Lviv region is predicted to increase in the continuous growth by 11% in flattened areas to the frontier area, with the greatest increase under berry crops – by 29.8% and horticultural crops – by 6.7 % plantings. The area where fruit and berry crops grow is approximately 2.4 thousand hectares, of which 2.0 thousand hectares are for fruit-bearing crops, according to the department of agro-industrial development of the Lviv regional administration.

“With the care of the gardeners, the plantings emerged from the winter in good condition without any damage. Due to the early warming of the birch tree, more than 2 years earlier than calendar terms, the active growth of branches on trees and the flowering of early varieties of stone fruit crops began, which also suggests that the weight of different species varies nanny frosts on the added terms are achieved and the recovery of a generous harvest of fruits and berries,” the director commented to the department Tetyana Getman.

According to information from the department, the share of fruit and berry production in the industrial sector is 15%, while 85% is concentrated in the population. In the structure of rich planting areas, industrial growing in Ukraine, the part of Lviv region occupies approximately 5.0%. The industrial area will soon increase by 200-300 hectares of new plantings. Zokrema, in 2024, gardeners in the commercial sector predict the planting of new plantings on an area of over 250 hectares, with 110 hectares from the proceeds of the “Your Garden” grant support for the “eRobot” program and 140 hectares of land investments.


Since the beginning of the “eRobot” program, grant support for the development of gardening and fruit production in the amount of 71.8 million hryvnia has been allocated by 15 business entities in the Lviv region, which directly allocated funds for the development of 256 hectares of new areas of intensive gardens and berry fields. In 2023, the share of flats, half heels and hazelnuts significantly increased for the amount of grant support.

Let’s say that about 160 subjects of government are engaged in the production of fruits and berries in the region. In the structure of their planting area, 56% is occupied by grain and stone fruit crops, berry crops – 27%, pea crops – 16%, vineyards – about 1%.

In 2024, LOVA, especially for gardeners in the region, approved a new program of financial support for existing and newly created cooperatives with the cultivation of berries. The overall budget of the program is 5 million UAH, the main goal is to increase the efficiency of growing berries on the basis of different varieties and create solutions for the rehabilitation of participants in combat operations in the villages of Lviv region. You can find out more about the program in detail at http://surl.li/shgug

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