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The “Smart Greenhouse” project of the Hnyp family from Zolochiv Oblast became the winner of the “Do it yourself” business ideas competition

It’s worth doing your own thing! The strategic partner of the Zahid-Agro enterprise, the MHP-Gromadi fund, proves this with the annual grant competition of business ideas “Do your own thing”.

Our winners started or scaled their own businesses thanks to financial support from the foundation and the company and confidently continue to work in Ukraine.

And here is another story of the victory of our participants, a confirmation of that.

Ihor and Olga Hnyp from the village of Velyka Vilshanytsia, Zolochiv district, Lviv region, have been growing early vegetables for sale for quite some time. The man was already thinking about increasing the volumes, he even put up a small greenhouse. At the same time, Ihor was also interested in the “Do Your Own” grant competition from the “MHP-Community” fund. He also participated in it last year, but did not win. But he did not give up and applied again this year. And his project won!

He received UAH 100,000 from the fund, with which he purchased a heating and automatic watering system, and with his own funds he installed a large greenhouse of 8 x 18 m. Already in December, he and his wife plan to plant cucumbers.

Ihor does not reveal his future plans yet: “First we have to go from sowing the seeds to harvesting. After all, there will still be mistakes. However, I have reliable agronomic support from the team of agronomists of the Zahid-Agro enterprise.

In the future, I would definitely like to grow tomatoes.”

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