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Last year, more than 45 million hryvnias were allocated from the regional budget to support agricultural producers of Lviv Oblast

In 2024, funds from the regional agricultural support programme will be used to help war veterans.

Lviv region has a Comprehensive Programme for Support and Development of Agriculture adapted to the conditions of martial law. Last year, just over UAH 45 million was allocated for its implementation.

“In 2023, our regional Comprehensive Support Programme for Agricultural Producers had the largest budget in the history of its existence. At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Lviv region was the only region in Ukraine that had a programme to support local agricultural producers. In 2023, we became a record holder in terms of funding. We allocated more than 45 million from the regional budget to five different areas, distributing them among 167 participants. Given that the classic support programmes from the state budget are currently not in place, our regional programme has become a great help for micro and small businesses,” said the director of the agro-industrial development department of the Lviv Regional State Administration.

The main areas in which Lviv region’s farmers could receive co-financing:

Financial support on a repayable basis in the form of soft loans.
This area allowed 25 farmers to receive UAH 18 million 100 thousand in loans to support their operations and invest in agricultural storage and processing facilities.

In particular, under the Comprehensive Programme, the funds were used to set up a potato processing plant, fish feed production, and a soybean processing plant – all to turn our raw materials into finished products and increase their value.

Important: Oblast farmers are invited to apply for grants from the FAO Investment Programme

Subsidies for the increase in the number of cows for micro and small businesses.
In 2023, 96 agricultural producers received subsidies in the amount of 22.4 million for 747 cows. During the year of the programme, farmers in Lviv region recorded an increase in the number of cows by 1470.

Increased production of vegetable crops and certain types of niche crops by reducing the cost of highly reproductive seeds.

“These crops are in high demand domestically and have great potential for export. As part of the programme, we reimbursed the cost of highly reproductive seeds. Thanks to this programme, 37 producers received compensation worth almost UAH 1.5 million. This made it possible to sow 360 hectares of grain and 238 hectares of vegetable crops with certified seeds,” added Tetiana Hetman.

Agricultural producers received subsidies of UAH 0.6 million per unit of certified organic land under cultivation. This made it possible to maintain production of certified organic products on an area of almost 500 hectares.

Reimbursement of interest under financial leasing agreements.

One of the initiatives is the compensation of interest on financial leasing. The funds allocated in the amount of UAH 2.2 million made it possible to reduce the cost of 45.5 million of leasing investments used to purchase agricultural machinery and equipment.

In 2024, UAH 5 million was allocated to implement the measures of the Comprehensive Programme. The funds will be used to provide preferential loans of up to UAH 700 thousand at 3% per annum for up to 5 years to agricultural producers participating in hostilities.

For the attention of military personnel! If you have a land plot and a registered business, you can contact the Department of Agricultural Development of the Lviv Regional Military Administration to get information on how to get funds.

Last year, both local producers and representatives of relocated enterprises took part in the programme.

“After the start of the full-scale invasion, we moved from Donetsk region. Our business there was completely destroyed, including agricultural machinery. After relocating, we bought a farm in Drohobych district and started growing crops. In addition, our main activity is raising cattle for meat production. We took advantage of the regional programme to support agricultural producers and received a subsidy for the increase in the number of cows. This is a significant support for our business. In the future, we want to launch a large cattle meat processing plant and enter the international market,” said Stanislav Karpenko, Deputy Director of Merinos-Zakhid LLC.

“Our farm is engaged in growing grain crops, the largest of which is potatoes. Every year, we grow 2,000 tonnes of potatoes. Last year, we received financial assistance of UAH 1.8 million for potato processing. With these funds, we purchased equipment, including an automatic packaging line, which allows us to save time and increase the productivity of the potato sorting process. Previously, we sold about 20% of our potatoes for starch at a price of UAH 3 per kilogram. Now we have created additional jobs and can process these potatoes into fries and sell them at a much higher price,” says Yevhen Nahirnyi, head of Zahirianske Farm.

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