Інші види спорту

Safety rules were checked at a reservoir in Lviv region, where an international rowing competition for veterans is taking place

This weekend, a raid inspection of the water area and coastline of the Shchyrets Reservoir in Lviv district took place.

During the inspection, we checked the training of athletes from the Veslyaryk Sports School in kayaking and canoeing. The sports boats were escorted by motor boats of the coaching staff. According to the inspection, the training regime was not violated.

To the point: Water bodies were inspected for water transport operation in Stryi region.

At the Shchyrets Reservoir, under the Program of the joint project of Ukraine and Croatia “Resocialization of Ukrainian Veterans: Peer to Peer”, a joint review of the organization of the second stage: kayaking and sapsurfing (ed. – a water sport, a hybrid of surfing and rowing, in which an athlete moves through the water on a board using a paddle) of Ukrainian and Croatian veterans was conducted. Organizational measures for the safety of navigation were carried out by the administration of the Didukh Children’s and Youth Sports School to ensure compliance with the Rules of Navigation for Small, Sports Boats. The use of other small boats was not detected.

“We conducted preventive and explanatory work with those present on the water bodies. We told them about the cases of deaths on inland waterways in violation of the Rules for the use of small vessels on inland waterways of Ukraine,” said Orest Shulikovsky, Director of the Road Department of the LOVA.

The raids involved employees of the Road Department of the Lviv Regional State Administration together with representatives of the Podilsko-Karpatske Interregional Department of the State Service of Maritime and River Transport of Ukraine and employees of the Central Rescue and Diving Service of Lviv Region.

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