Інші види спорту

Final basketball competition among pupils continues in Drohobychska hromada

Since the beginning of this year, the Drohobych community has joined the nationwide school league project “Side by Side”. Over the past few weeks, basketball competitions among boys’ teams have been taking place at Drohobych gyms. In total, 10 teams from different community schools and different age groups are involved in the school competition. The semi-final competitions will determine the winners who will compete in the district competitions, and then in the regional and national competitions.

The students will compete at different levels in five sports: basketball, volleyball, futsal, orienteering and cheerleading.

The “Side by Side” sports project was launched in the Drohobych community to increase schoolchildren’s interest in various sports and to promote physical activity among the younger generation.

Last year, Drohobych schoolchildren were involved in an equally interesting and large-scale project called School Leagues, which were held in four sports.

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