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The selection for the European Junior Wrestling Championship will take place in Lviv

The qualifying tournament for the European U-20 Championship, which will take place in late July in Rome (Italy), will take place on April 30 in Lviv (39a Kleparivska Street, SKA Bike Track). The winner of the selection will represent Ukraine at the European Championship, and the second number will insure him.

Also on this day, April 30, the first stage of selection of the team for the European U-17 Championship, which will be held in Bucharest (Romania), will take place at the Training and Sports Base of Summer Sports of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (39a Kleparivska Street). At this stage of selection, the first and second numbers will be determined.

And the day before, on April 29, in the Polish city of Carlino, a similar qualifying tournament will take place in Lviv, where the first and second numbers will also be determined. The final stage of selection will take place on May 7 in Lviv (10 Yaneva St., FST “Dynamo”) – two winners of the first stage in Lviv and Carlino will determine who will represent Ukraine at the European U-17 Championship. ) and will insure it (second number).

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