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A group of tourists got lost near Mount Parashka

Rescuers were looking for a group of tourists near Mount Parashka

On May 2, at 22:27, rescuers received a report that a group of tourists had gotten lost while walking in the Skole Beskydy forest near the village of Korostiv, Stryi district.

As it turned out, a group of 5 young Kyiv residents, descending from Mount Parashka, decided to take a little-known route. However, when it got dark, they realized that they had lost their bearings and got lost.

The young people had a telephone connection, so they were able to contact the rescuers and send GPS data of their location.

Rescuers from the Slavske Mountain Search and Rescue Group went to search for the tourists, found them, took them out of the forest and transported them to safety.

The rescuers ask to carefully plan their tourist routes, objectively assess their own strength and physical condition.

❗️Дбайте about your safety and in case of an emergency, immediately call the Rescue Service at 101!

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