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Boris Johnson visited the Nezlamni rehabilitation center in Lviv

Today, one of the most principled opponents of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, arrived in Lviv for a visit. Together with the Mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadov, he inspected the NEZLAMNI National Rehabilitation Center, located on the street Mykolaychuk, where Ukrainians who suffered from Russian aggression are treated and rehabilitated. The guest was pleasantly surprised by the possibilities and state-of-the-art level of medical care in Lviv.

The NEZLAMNI ecosystem was presented to the guest, they showed how processes were organized during a full-scale war, and what new objects are currently being implemented with foreign and Ukrainian partners. After all, the First Medical Association became the main medical institution in the rear, where wounded Ukrainians are treated. Afterwards, Boris Johnson was shown how the wounded are treated and rehabilitated in a special rehabilitation room, an occupational therapy room and a mental health center.

Patients of the NEZLAMNI/ UNBROKEN center thanked Boris Johnson for his unchanging and stable position towards Ukraine and for his support. At the same time, the distinguished guest expressed his admiration for the courage and resilience of Ukrainians, and also emphasized that he has no doubts about Ukraine’s victory.

Boris Johnson also had the opportunity to look at pictures drawn by patients of the rehabilitation center who have bionic prostheses. The doctors said that they keep these works as a reminder of the painstaking work on themselves and the will to live of their patients.

Today, Boris Johnson also inspected the modern rehabilitation department, which was equipped at the St. Luke’s Hospital of the First Medical Association of Lviv at the expense of the Viktor Pinchuk Foundation within the framework of the RECOVERY national project. The guests were shown the possibilities of halls for physical rehabilitation and physiotherapy, occupational therapy rooms. In addition, this department is part of the NEZLAMNI ecosystem in Lviv and is another step towards timely and high-quality assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war.

We will remind you that the rehabilitation department was set up within the framework of the memorandum signed in October 2022 by the “Victor Pinchuk Foundation – Social Initiative”, the First Medical Association of Lviv, the Lviv Regional Military Administration and the Lviv City Council.


The RECOVERY project provides for the creation of a national network of rehabilitation centers in Ukraine, assistance in prosthetics and treatment of the seriously injured. At the first stage, 6 centers with a capacity of 150 places will be created on the basis of medical institutions in Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa regions.

The First Medical Association of Lviv is the largest medical institution of Ukraine, which includes two adult hospitals and one children’s hospital. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Ukrainians who have suffered from hostilities receive qualified medical care here every day. Wounded patients are transported from front-line hospitals every week by evacuation trains and ambulances. Treatment of war-affected Ukrainians takes place within the framework of the UNBROKEN national project.

The UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center is a unique place where adults and children affected by the war receive comprehensive qualified medical care. This is reconstructive surgery, orthopedics and robotic prosthetics. Victims are not only fitted with prostheses, they are made here. The center also deals with physical, psychological and psychosocial rehabilitation of injured soldiers and civilians. The project is implemented by the First Medical Association of Lviv and the Lviv City Council with the support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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