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Lviv resident wanted to flee to Moldova, but broke his leg. Video.

The fugitive’s ex-wife called the SBGS hotline and reported that her ex-husband was trying to illegally get abroad but was injured.

The Lviv resident had been there for 4 hours, soaking wet, cold, and occasionally fainting.

During the conversation, the border guards found out that the 59-year-old Lviv resident had called his ex-wife and told her that he had broken his leg while trying to illegally cross the Ukrainian-Moldovan border, could not move, had been outdoors for about 4 hours, was soaked and very cold.

Having received the coordinates of the man’s location, border guards of the Podil detachment immediately responded. A sniffer dog was involved in the search, and a quadcopter with a thermal imaging camera was also launched. Border guards soon found the victim near the village of Novokrasne, Rozdilnyansky district, Odesa region, provided him with first aid, brought him to the unit and called an ambulance.

The man said that he received navigation instructions and advice on how to illegally enter Moldova through one of the telegram channels. He paid USD 4,000 for such online consultations.

Border guards brought the man to administrative liability under Art. 202 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, imposed a fine of UAH 1700, and drew up a report of administrative offense under Part 1 of Art. 204-1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses “Illegal crossing or attempt to illegally cross the state border of Ukraine”. The case was sent to court.

We once again urge citizens not to attempt to cross the border illegally. Such attempts can be dangerous not only to health but also to life.

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