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Operation “Two-wheeled transport” has started in Lviv region

The training, during which the police will carry out preventive work with drivers of two-wheeled vehicles, will last from June 27 to July 10. Police urge drivers of motorcycles, scooters, scooters, bicycles and scooters to carefully comply with the requirements of the Traffic Rules.

Since the beginning of June, 37 road accidents involving motorcyclists, scooter drivers and mopeds have occurred on the roads of Lviv and the region. Of this number – 29 accidents with victims, in which 2 people died and 34 were injured. In 4 cases, drivers of two-wheeled vehicles were driving while intoxicated.

Two-wheeled vehicles – motorcycles, scooters, scooters and bicycles, are becoming increasingly popular, respectively – the number of road accidents involving them is growing. During accidents, drivers of such vehicles are injured, sometimes incompatible with life, because their degree of protection is much lower than motorists. The same applies to the passive and active safety systems equipped with the relevant vehicles.

Of course, the main cause of road accidents is the violation by road users of the requirements of the Traffic Rules and safety requirements. However, sometimes drivers of two-wheeled vehicles neglect the basic rules of protection, for example – do not use helmets, which significantly increases the risk of injury – even in a normal fall. Quite often drivers of two-wheeled vehicles do not have the documents required by law, sometimes they drive while intoxicated.

Lviv Region Police urges – strictly follow the requirements of the Traffic Rules, be careful, do not exceed the speed limit, maneuver carefully and constantly monitor the traffic situation. Take care of your life and health – your own and those of others.

And most importantly – be polite and friendly and this will allow you to avoid many troubles along the way.

Also during Operation Two-Wheeled Transport, police will identify wanted vehicles, as well as check registration documents and check unit numbers.

Lviv Region Police Communication Department

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