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Lviv region has the highest number of corrupt officials

In 2023, 2,420 people were included in the Corruption Register. This is almost three times less than in 2021. Lviv and Kyiv regions were the richest in corruption.

And the most popular reason for being included in the register is the offer of benefits for actions or inaction in the government, according to the Opendatabot portal.

Over the past three years, Lviv region has been the leader in terms of sentences handed down. The number of records since the beginning of the great war has also decreased: while in 2021 there were 537, last year there were only 192.

“In 2021, people were mostly included in the Corruption Register due to violations related to declarations – 75.9% of sentences. Already in 2023, the share of such cases decreased to 1.6%. This is due to the fact that since the beginning of the great war, the NACP has not checked the declarations of officials, and the filing of declarations was not mandatory,” Opendatabot explains.

Thus, according to the portal, in 2022-2023, most people were included in the register because of an offer or promise of undue benefit for actions or inaction in government – 38.2% and 53.1% of cases, respectively.

Most often, the offenders are sentenced to fines – 92% of sentences. Imprisonment and community service or probation account for about 5-8% of sentences.

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