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Passengers in Lviv are reminded what to pay attention to when paying for travel in cash

Lvavtodor reminds once again: when paying for the fare in cash, the passenger must receive a one-time paper ticket with a QR code from the driver.

Such a ticket has already been validated in the ACS system. It is also important to carefully check whether the ticket contains the actual time and date of the trip. The ticket is valid only within the final stops of the route. It must be kept throughout the trip.

“After paying in cash, be sure to take a paper ticket from the driver. Don’t forget to check whether the ticket contains the actual time and date. If the driver does not give you a ticket, remind him or her of this and insist on issuing a ticket with a QR code. At the time of the control check, it is your duty to present the travel document, which is your proof of payment for the trip. If you pay in cash and do not have a paper ticket, you risk getting a fine,” Lvivavtodor emphasized.

They added: honest payment of fares and issuance of tickets when paying in cash is a way to fill the budget, which is also used for the needs of our army. In addition, transparent accounting of payments will allow transportation companies to raise drivers’ official salaries.

As a reminder, the cost of one trip when paying in cash is UAH 20. The fine for fare evasion is UAH 300.

It is worth noting that today most passengers choose to pay by cashless payment. With this payment method, the cost of the trip is cheaper and is as follows: UAH 15 for bank cards and NFC devices; UAH 13 for general LeoCards; UAH 6.5 for student LeoCards. For students and beneficiaries who have the appropriate LeoCards, public transportation in Lviv is free of charge.

By the way, most of the time, public transportation trips are validated with LeoCards. In general, transportation services

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