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Lviv region says goodbye to UPA liaison officer Vasyl Khomyn today

The Boryslav City Council reported the sad news that Vasyl Khomyn, a former UPA liaison officer, member of the Boryslav Nechai OUN-UPA station and the All-Ukrainian Brotherhood of the OUN-UPA named after General Roman Shukhevych, had passed away.

As a participant in the liberation struggle who devoted his life to the fight for Ukraine’s freedom, Vasyl dreamed of Ukraine’s victory in this war.

This is the wish he made on his 90th birthday, which he celebrated this year in February.

Vasyl Khomyn was born in the village of Zalokot in 1934.

He was brought up in a religious family: one of his grandfathers was a sexton in a church, the other was a church pharmacist. One of the books about Boryslav describes vivid memories of how he joined the insurgents as a boy, how he first carried food to them and later sat in ambushes.

Many conclusions can be drawn from the eyewitness’s memories of those times. And it is a pity that he had to see the war again at such a young age…

We extend our sincere condolences to the family and share the pain of loss… May the bright memory of Mr Vasyl live forever in our hearts.

The funeral will take place today – 8 June, at 13.30. May he rest in peace!

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