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Recreation and health complex to be built in Bryukhovychi

A recreational complex with temporary accommodation and water and fitness facilities is to be built at 8a Likarska Street in Bryukhovychi. This was announced today during a meeting of the executive committee of the Lviv City Council by the chief architect of Lviv Anton Kolomeitsev.

The Department of Architecture and Spatial Development of the city received an application for the issuance of urban planning conditions for the construction of a recreation and health complex.

“We are talking about creating a recreational complex based on the prototype of recreational towns that can be seen somewhere in Turkey or other recreational locations.

Now we are talking about urban planning conditions and restrictions on the first buildings that are part of the overall complex. They will be just one or two storeys high. There will also be sports infrastructure and, in the future, a swimming pool,” said Anton Kolomeytsev.

According to Lubomyr Zubach, Deputy Mayor of Lviv for Urban Development, this use of the land plot is fully consistent with its intended purpose.

“We checked and always check the status quo in Bryukhovychi, because we had a lot of unpleasant stories related to the decisions of the former village council. In this case, this land plot was leased by the Bryukhovychi back in 2005 for the same purpose as a recreation centre, and in 2008 it was bought out and the land plot became their property. After that, it probably changed hands. And now it is divided into several parts.

For us, it is essential that the project is implemented in line with the declared intentions to build a recreation and health complex there. We see this as a priority for the territory of Bryukhovychi. It is important that these intentions do not diverge from practical implementation. The position of the Lviv City Council is that Bryukhovychi is a recreational area for the construction of various recreational complexes, and this is our priority,” said Liubomyr Zubach.

According to Anton Kolomeytsev, similar facilities can be seen in tourist countries where summer vacation tourism is developed – in the resorts of Turkey or some European countries. Therefore, such one- or two-storey blocks with a certain service can be imagined in the resort area of Bryukhovychi.

“Since there are separate small buildings here, we expect that this will allow us to preserve green spaces in some places and add to them in others. We hope that the developer will do it responsibly. In the urban planning conditions, we do not give any parameters for tree planting, as the landscaping is formed at later stages. However, we clearly state that facade improvement passports and landscaping projects must be approved by the applicants. Only then will we see in detail how the architecture is shaped and how the landscaping is formed in terms of plants, parking and pedestrian connections,” added Anton Kolomeitsev.

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