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Taras Bobanych military-patriotic training in the Carpathians

Hammer honoured the memory of Taras Bobanych with a military-patriotic training session.

“There can be only one justification for this crying of children – total victory.” – Taras Bobanych “Hammer”, Hero of Ukraine.

A military-patriotic training course named after Taras Bobanych, a friend of Hammer, Hero of Ukraine, was held in the Carpathians, which included a five-day modular training programme combined with practical tasks. The participants of the training, honouring the memory of Taras Bobanych, the second “Hammer”, as an ideologist of the nation and a mentor, a leader of patriotic education of young people, received the necessary skills that may be needed in combat and in everyday life in the shortest possible time.

We learnt new things and improved them:
🔸basic concepts about the defence and mobilisation system in Ukraine (from the state and civil society);
🔸basic principles and skills necessary for assessment and priority actions in extreme conditions of aggression until the arrival of military defence forces;
🔸training of participants who are ready to perform their duty to protect the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine;

“A meeting with combatants in the east of Ukraine and a lecture on the scientific and methodological works of Ivan Bobersky was organised for the participants,” said Roman Khimyak, head of the Youth and Sports Department of the Lviv Regional Military Administration.

The project was implemented with the support of the Department of Youth and Sports of the Lviv Regional State Administration, the NGO Nash Zarinok, the Lviv Regional Headquarters of the Right Sector, the Patriot Military and Patriotic Training, the Federation of Knife Fighting and Martial Arts/Lviv Branch, the Krav Maga Association, and the Shkval Sports and Patriotic Society.

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