Листи до редакції

In Volytsia school in Yavoriv district, students, teachers and parents weave camouflage nets for soldiers together

Residents of Yavoriv district continue to work for Ukraine’s victory. Everyone is doing their part to help our defenders in the fight against the Russian enemy.

One of the examples of strong will and team spirit is demonstrated in Volytske educational complex. Weaving camouflage nets for our defenders has become an integral part of the educational process. They are made during labor training, technology lessons, breaks, after school hours, and during clubs.

Parents also join the charity event. They teach each other how to weave nets to see who is better at it. Weaving nets unites all participants in the educational process through joint work that brings the Victory closer. During the two years of war, the team sent more than 20 nets to the front line.

In addition, the entire school staff is constantly involved in various charity events and fundraisers to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“For the sake of victory, we will work hard and help our brave soldiers drive the enemy out of their homeland and win the coveted victory and peace for the Ukrainian people,” the school students said.

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