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In Sokal, IDP men will have their documents checked – you need to have a passport and a military ticket

Також просять повідомляти про місця продажу алкогольних напоїв

Due to the large number of complaints received by the Sokal City Council, the chairman of the Sokal City Council Serhiy Kasyan issued an order banning the settlement of male immigrants of conscription age without registration with the military enlistment office.

The task of men is to defend our Motherland, so I issued an order banning the sending of men aged 18 to 60 in our community without registration in the military enlistment office, – said in a video message Sergei Kasyan.

Arriving in the Sokal community, men are obliged to report to the military enlistment office within 24 hours and enlist in the ranks of territorial defense or the ranks of the Armed Forces.

After the men have entered the military register, they need to register with the CNAP as an internally displaced person. CNAP employees are prohibited from registering men without a certificate from the military commissar. The address of the CNAP in Sokal is 11 Tartakivska Street.

Everyone, without exception, has to defend the homeland, Serhiy Kasyan continued

From today, law enforcement and the military will intensify their inspections. During the inspections, men are required to provide a passport and a document issued by the military commissariat for registration and medical examination. Men who are not fit for military service will be involved in socially important work in the community.

Conscripts will be held criminally liable for refusing to enlist in the military.

They also appeal to residents of all property rights – demand that men register with the military enlistment office.

The second problem is the sale of alcohol

If you know any facts about the sale of alcoholic beverages – contact the police immediately. They will react immediately to all the facts.

Glory to Ukraine!

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