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A new and informative location for children is being created in the Drohobych library

Modern children are inquisitive, curious, and sociable. To broaden their horizons and satisfy their curiosity, the Drohobych City Library for Children is creating a safe space for kids, which is being equipped in cooperation with the Drohobych District Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Lviv Oblast.

According to the head of the library system, Marta Andrusyk, a new, informative and safe space for young visitors is being created in one of the library rooms where the Biblionyanya service is being implemented, thanks to the joint efforts of librarians and emergency workers. A well-known artist from Drohobych, Khrystyna Solomchak, is also involved in the process, painting the walls of the future space and creating interesting and informative stories and paintings.

According to Marta Andrusyk, the room will also feature information stands that will provide important information about safety rules in different spaces: at home, on the street, at school, etc. In general, the information will be about fire safety, medical care, and mine safety.

The project is currently in the process of being created. The opening of the safe space will be announced later.

We would like to add that the Drohobych City Children’s Library has been operating a modern play space for the youngest visitors for several years. A bright children’s room has been created here, where young readers can have fun and spend time with benefit, and parents can leave their children without any fear and do important things at the same time. This is how the “Biblionyanya” service is implemented in the community.


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