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The Drohobychyna Museum invites you to the presentation of a book about the Drohobych Saltworks

When: – February 28, at 14:30 pm

Where: – Palace of Arts of the Drohobych Museum

This Wednesday, the Drohobych Museum will present Nazariy Yurchyshyn’s book about one of the oldest enterprises in Europe, the heart of the city, the Drohobych Saltworks.

The publication is intended for a wide range of readers. The main feature of the book is that it contains all the information about the Drohobych Saltworks in a short and accessible form for the average reader.

The author of the book, Nazariy Yurchyshyn, is a young scholar from Drohobych who has collected many interesting facts about the Drohobych Saltworks, which has been operating continuously since 1390.

The entrance is free.

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