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Ukrainian youth in Berlin presented a video on the restoration of Ukrainian cities using the example of Lviv

Українська молодь на конференції в Берліні презентувала вражаюче відео, зняте у Львові

On 12 June, in Berlin, as part of the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024, Ukrainian youth organisations presented a video to international partners on the involvement of young people in the restoration and planning of modern Ukrainian cities, using the example of Lviv as a case study.

“We wanted to show different generations of Ukrainians, each of whom faced great challenges: wars, repression, famine, revolutions. But they always overcame these challenges, so we can too. That’s why in the video we say: “Roll up your sleeves, generation of the great Ukrainian recovery”. Our task is to win, preserve and rebuild,” says director Ilya Galichanivsky.

The video features 4 youth organisations that became the voice of Ukrainian youth at the conference in Berlin: the network TOVORY!, Building Ukraine Together (BUR), STREET CULTURE and Urban reforms. The main focus of the video is on the joint work on the Urban Camp Lviv project, which is now a centre for the residence and socialisation of internally displaced Ukrainians, the development of street cultures and creative industries.

The video was presented in Berlin during the panel discussion “Urban Planning for Sustainable Cities: Youth. Here and Now in Recovery”, where members of the Ukrainian youth delegation told international partners about the needs of young people and the challenges they face in the war and recovery process.

“For the first time, the leitmotif of the video ‘It’s not easy, but keep moving’ was integrated by the team of Lviv – the European Capital of Youth 2025. Our goal is to show that no matter what happens, you don’t have to stand still,” said Oleh Malets, head of the TVORY!

As a reminder, Lviv won the title of European Youth Capital of Europe 2025. This title gives Ukrainian youth the opportunity to become a voice of freedom in Europe and to tell about Ukrainian realities to an international audience.

In particular, this video was produced as part of the title for the #UkraineRecoveryConference in partnership with UNICEF and with the financial support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the state development bank KfW.

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