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Municipal chamber choir “Legend” gives Easter charity concert in Drohobych

On 22 May, the Municipal Chamber Choir “Legend” gave an Easter concert in the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Drohobych. The event was a charity event.

The “Legend” choir, under the direction of Natalia Samokishyn, presented the chamber singing connoisseurs with melodious musical compositions. Each piece gave the audience a sense of calm and peace of mind, enveloped them in warmth and echoed in their souls.

The Drohobych choir “Legend” has long been famous for its unsurpassed sounding voices. Each time the concerts of this creative team give spiritual pleasure, because the singing of the “Legend” is such that it is the basis for, for example, an operetta. It belongs to the highest intellectual level. All over the world, music with spiritual content is highly valued.

In their hometown, the Legend choir donates their work to charity for the sake of Victory and thus donates to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Thus, during a charity concert at the Holy Trinity Church, Legend managed to raise almost UAH 4 thousand. These funds have already been transferred to the needs of the soldiers.

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