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Galina Pagutyak presented at Drohobichi a novel about the UPA “Nichny Podorozhny”

Spread our history and tell young and well-known Ukrainians about it. In the history of the Drogobychchyna Museum, a creative team has suddenly appeared with one of the most famous Ukrainian writers, a talented author of hundreds of books, a translator, a huge worker, Laur with the Shevchenko Prize Galina Pagutyak.

Already suddenly, to a wide audience, the writer presented at the museum the first novel in Ukrainian literature about the Ukrainian Insurgent Army – “Night Traveler”, which is a logical continuation of the novel about the UPA with the promotional title “Eye of the World”.

The approach was moderated by senior scientist in history Maria Golovkevich.

The novel “Night Road” is written on the basis of real historical events that were developed on the territory of the lower Drohobitsk and Skhidnytsia communities in the villages of Zalokot, Pidbuzh, Smilna, the Side and the Rich Others, etc. the developing national-free insurgent movement.

Following the tradition, the sustrich began to pray. Praying for Ukraine and its Heroes together with those present, Fr. Viktor Telegiy.

As Galina Pagutyak voiced in her speech to those present, the novels are offended by documentary-historical backgrounds and written on the basis of real stories and the opinions of living witnesses. And Vasil Khomin, one of the prototypes of the main character of the presented novels, the colossal UPA, lingers around Zalokot.

Behind the plot of the novel is the main character of “Night Traveler” Ilko Danilyak, even a child who happened to be taken into the hands of an army, and also a “particularly dangerous bandit of 15 years old”, who was a duck from the Podbuzka Kativnya, who shot a NKVDist. Subscriber informs that the skin rebellion is dedicated to the reduction of skin… Zvyazkovy Only to the special features of this young cohort of Ukrainians, who “carry a skin around” – the spirit of national struggle , rebellion and the decline of the heroic glory of our grandparents.

The Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Pedagogy and Early Childhood Education spoke about the need and need to highlight the heroic struggle for Ukraine in novels and stories and thereby preserve historical memory. Vіti DDPU im. Ivana Franka Tetyana Pantyuk. With her novels about the UPA, Galina Pagutyak popularizes our glorious history of the fight for the USSD. For broad educational activities, popularization of the heroic struggle of the UPA, the Kerivnytsia contributed to tourism, promotion of creative industries, Irina Partyka, named after the Department of Culture and Development of Tourism, presented an important guest I’m sorry.

For example, the talented bandura player Oksana Roman, a member of the Drohobitsk Children’s Music School No. 2 named. Romana Soroki, the mother of a volunteer soldier, gave the author one of her favorite patriotic songs – “Partisans came to the village.”

We concluded the presentation with Galina Pagutyak’s singing of the present and broad implications and nourishment of the hearing.

All the money from the presentation of books – 4250 hryvnia – the writing went directly to help the Ukrainian Army.

Svitlini – Igor Fetsyak




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