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Students who published the most original photos in embroidered shirts were honoured in Drohobych

On the occasion of the World Vyshyvanka Day, the Family and Youth Department of Drohobych City Council held a competition among young people to find the most original photos in embroidery.

The contest, entitled “Vyshyvanka Day in my group”, involved students from the pedagogical university, colleges and vocational schools of the community. According to the terms of the competition, participants had to take a photo of their group wearing embroidered shirts and post it on the Facebook page – Vyshyvanka Day in Drohobych.

The five winners were selected from among the participants whose photos received the most likes.

Today, in the Drohobych City Council chamber, Mayor Taras Kuchma, together with Oleksandra Pashko, Head of the Family and Youth Department, presented certificates and gifts to the most active participants of the competition, whose photos received the most support in the social network.

<“Ukraine demonstrates to the whole world that we are a heroic and unbreakable nation. That is why I sincerely wish you to wear your embroidered shirts with pride and respect and always remember that it is you who, after the victory, will build a new successful state,” Taras Kuchma said.

According to the results of the competition, the first place was won by the group EC-11 of the Drohobych College of Mechanics and Technology.

The second place went to students of group MZ-2327b of Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University.

The third place went to Group 1-b of the Vasyl Barvinsky Drohobych Music College.

Group PK-21 of Drohobych College of Mechanics and Technology took fourth place.

The top five were completed by students from Group 23-P, ZEM-1 of the Drohobych Oil and Gas College.

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