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Lviv detachment eliminates channel of men smuggling across the border

Law enforcement officers established that two suspects, natives of Kharkiv and Volyn regions, were looking for men of military age who intended to go abroad under martial law.


In Lviv region, an interagency group consisting of officers of the Operational and Investigation Department of the 7th Border Guard Detachment of the Carpathian Border Guard Detachment, officers of the Main Department of the National Police in Lviv region, investigators of the Main Department of the National Police in Lviv region under the procedural supervision of the Lviv Regional Prosecutor’s Office exposed and served suspicion notices to two persons involved in the case of illegal trafficking of persons across the state border of Ukraine.

Law enforcement officers found that the dealers entered false information into the Shlyakh system about people for the purpose of their further travel abroad. The “businessmen” estimated their services at USD 4.5 thousand per client. In this way, the combinators passed off citizens as international transport drivers, and the “bonus plus” service also included documentary support.

Ukrainians of military age and those subject to general mobilisation used the services.

They searched for people willing to leave illegally through the Internet and personal acquaintances.

Law enforcement officers conducted searches in Kharkiv and Volyn regions.

The full range of persons involved in this scheme is currently being identified.

Investigators have already served the defendants a notice of suspicion of committing a crime under Part 3 of Art. 332 (Illegal transfer of persons across the state border of Ukraine) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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