Кримінальні події

After being stopped by the police, the driver, in a state of drug intoxication, took advantage of the moment and continued driving

A driver with signs of drug intoxication fled from patrol policemen

On 11 January, at around 1am, patrol policemen stopped a car on Svobody Avenue that had driven into a pedestrian zone. The 23-year-old driver showed signs of drug intoxication. He refused to be tested.

This was reported by the Lviv Oblast Police.

A report was drawn up against him for driving while intoxicated and a decision for not having all the necessary documents for driving.

The man was warned that further driving was prohibited. The driver took advantage of the moment when a crowd of people approached the police and drove away.

The patrol policemen immediately passed on the description of the car and began to pursue it. The fugitive ignored all instructions to stop, drove around an artificial obstacle and grossly violated traffic rules.

He was stopped outside Lviv. Another report was drawn up against the offender for driving under the influence of alcohol and for failing to comply with the requirements to stop, and a decision was issued.
When asked whether there were any prohibited items or substances in the car, the young man lifted the carpet near the driver’s seat and found a zip bag with a crushed substance, probably of drug origin.

An investigative team was called to the scene. The substance was seized for examination.

The incident is preliminarily classified under Part 1 of Art. 309 (Illegal production, manufacture, acquisition, storage, transportation or shipment of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues without the intent to sell) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

By the way, last night, patrol policemen drew up 19 reports under Art. 130 (Driving a vehicle while intoxicated) of the Code of Administrative Offences.

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