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Disputed land plot of 1 hectare on Stryiska Street returned to Lviv community

The Lviv Regional Prosecutor’s Office ensured that the court’s decision was actually enforced, cancelling the state registration and returning the land plot with a total area of almost 1 hectare to the community.

It is located on Stryiska Street – Luhanska Street in Lviv.

In court, prosecutors proved that in 2018 the disputed land plot was illegally transferred to a business entity for servitude use for the construction of a car park. In particular, without holding a tender.

Consequently, these violations gave rise to a lawsuit filed by the Galician District Prosecutor’s Office in Lviv, which was fully satisfied.


To date, the prosecutor’s office has enforced the court’s decision – the State Register of Real Property Rights has been updated with information on the termination of the right to use (servitude) of the land plot for the defendant in the case.

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