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For the theft of a woman’s handbag from the Dobromilya cafe, a 36-year-old man sits for three years behind bars

Прокурори через апеляцію відстояли новий вирок рецидивісту

Prosecutors of the Sambirsk District Prosecutor’s Office, respecting the fact of theft to the district court (Part 4 of Article 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) above all, discredited him in the appeal. The remaining 36-year-old person is assigned punishment in the form of 5 rocks of reduced will and released from the punishment with the test line.

For the public prosecution of the prosecutors of the Lviv Regional Prosecutor’s Office, the appeal court agreed with their arguments and praised the new approach. He was sentenced to 3 years of freedom.

It was established that Dobromila had stolen a bag in the cafe, which was lying behind the bar and was a waitress. At that moment, the maid was busy preparing a deal, which made it possible to steal the mine.

It should be noted that the defendant has already been convicted several times before, but has not been straightened out.

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